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About me. 


My name is Bert Kennes.
I was born on November 23, 1988 in Hasselt, Limburg (Belgium).
I prefer telling this story from the first person's perspective because no matter how professional my passion became over time, it will always be a very personal thing to me. 


Before I started dancing around the age of 17, I tried about every sport I can think of. From soccer to karate to tennis and so on. Until one of my childhood friends, who taught breakdance classes in the neighbourhood, convinced me to come and take a look at one of his classes. Soon I enrolled in his weekly class and there I went. It didn't take long before I realised I was more into stand-up dancing, as I was always in front of the mirror trying out waving, popping, glides and so on. 

From there on I started getting more into stand-up freestyling and taking choreography classes from, amongst others, Noortje Grauls, Fundi Omari, Kris Loix, Aurel Zola, Armel Ngungunanga, ... During this time I also got my degree as a teacher in English and history. Which still today also helps me in teaching dance.  


 Around the age of 22 I started teaching my first classes and workshops at small local dance studios. It was clear to me that, although I love freestyling and spontaneously moving to music, my biggest interest was choreographing. I just love to think about putting pieces together and seeing them come to life in groups on stages, in video's, competitions and so on. 

Since then my life basically revolves around
 dance. Especially choreographing and teaching/coaching. As I believe that that last aspect is also something very specific since just giving students a combination of steps will not build them to be a dancer or choreographer one day. But the addition of teaching techniques, exercises and knowledge will.  The details about most of the things I've been up to in the past years are in my résumé. Meanwhile I'm still trying to improve myself every day as I'm still thankful every day to be calling this my job.

Click here to view my full rèsumè.  


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